Library Users & Locations


Admittance to the five libraries that make up the KU Libraries system – Suna Kıraç Library on the main campus, the AKMED Library in Antalya, the ANAMED Library in Beyoğlu, the Health Sciences Library in Topkapı, and VEKAM Library and Archive in Ankara – vary slightly among one another, but is generally oriented to current Koç University students, faculty and staff. Other users, including researchers from other institutions, paid members, alumni can gain access to certain library facilities and services.

Suna Kıraç (Main campus) Library

Admittance to Suna Kıraç Library is restricted by University regulations to Koç University students, faculty, administrative staff and family members of faculty and staff. Alumni and individuals or employees of organizations having paid memberships also have access to certain library facilities and services.

Academic personnel and doctorate students from other Turkish universities, foreign scholars, and librarians from other institutions have to make an appointment. In order to make an appointment please send email to

AKMED Library

The library on antiquity with emphasis on the specific geography of the region developing as per requests by researchers; its archives of documents, photographs and transparencies are available for use by Turkish and foreign researchers and scholars. The Library is located in Kaleiçi, Antalya. For opening hours, please see the AKMED Library’s web page.

ANAMED Library

The ANAMED branch of the KU Library system is located in the Han Merkez of the Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoğlu. Admittance to the ANAMED Library is limited to is restricted by Koç University ANAMED regulations to ANAMED fellows, individual researchers, faculty members and students from other national and international students who are investigating and preserving Türkiye’s cultural heritage, as well as Koç University students, faculty, administrative staff, retired faculty & staff, alumni, and family members of faculty and staff. External members may use the ANAMED to drop off books. For opening hours, please see the ANAMED Library’s About page.

Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences library is a branch of Koç University Libraries located in Topkapı, Koç University Health Sciences Campus. The Library’s collection relates principally to nursing and health sciences in support of the Health Sciences Student’s curriculum and research interests of the Campus’s faculty and students, to whom services are also primarily oriented.  For opening hours please click.

VEKAM Library & Archive

VEKAM Library & Archive is located in Keçiören, Ankara. VEKAM functions as the memory of Ankara with its library and archive, which contain rich information resources. Constantly improving its collection by acquiring all types of publications on Ankara, including rare books, VEKAM has managed to become the primary reference center for urban studies on Ankara. The library also incorporates the Ali Esat Bozyiğit Collection, which contains private resources on folk culture. The collection of the library includes travel books; original novels in local and foreign languages; memoirs of foreign diplomats who officiated in Ankara; publications on history, culture, geography, economy, and architecture of the city; publications containing historical and cultural studies on Ankara; reports issued by local governments, professional associations and chambers; and local and national periodicals.