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Article Request Form

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The purpose of this service is to obtain articles that are not available at the Suna Kıraç Library. SKL obtains copies of articles by working in co-operation with other libraries and institutions. It is usually a library-to-library transaction including both academic libraries and information centres. All KU faculty, administrative staff, graduate and undergraduate students can benefit from this service, which is free of charge. Faculty and staff can submit 10 articles while students are only permitted to request 5 articles at a time.

If the Library could not find the requested article in Türkiye, the Library staff will search for the article on OCLC ILL Service.

To benefit from this service, users should fill and submit Online Article Request. When request was completed, users will get another e-mail informing whether it has been found or not. Articles may be received approximately in one week.

Submitting a New Request

  • Firstly, you should login Online Article Request Form from Online Article Request Authentication screen.
  • When you click the New Request button, the system displays the article request form. The descriptive elements appearing on this form are explained below.
  • Requestor Name, Requester Status, Department, E-mail and Extension will appear automatically. You can write (or cut and paste) your bibliographic info into the text area in middle part of the form. Please provide the article title, author’s name, journal title, publication date, volume – issue numbers and page numbers. If you request more than one article, please number them.
  • Priority: From the pull-down menu, you can specify how soon you need the article.
  • Deadline if any: By giving a due date, you can specify a deadline for your request.
  • Press the OK button to submit your request. By pressing RESET, you can clear the form. You will automatically be notified by e-mail when the librarian has completed or not found the requested article.

To View Your Requests

When you click the My Requests button, the system displays your article requests. You may follow your article request status in this screen.
Under the New Requests link, you may see your non-processed requests.
Under the My Previous Requests link, you can see your requests which are in-process.
The possible statuses for a request are explained below:

  • New Requests: Your request is received and will be processed.
  • In progress: Your article is ordered from other library.
  • Not found: Your article could not be provided.
  • Completed: Your article is provided.
  • Canceled: Your article request is canceled. Please see the detail.

Please click the article number on the left side, if you would like to add further comments into your article requests. After submitting your commends, the responsible librarian will receive it automatically.

You may also send your questions via e-mail to

You can send your questions to us via Library Trackit or by e-mail at