Donation Policy

The library accepts donations: new or used books, journals and audio-visual materials from everybody. Conditions for Donation

The acceptance of a certain material to the collection is dependent upon the conditions listed below:

  • A list of donations/an inventory –if it exists – is requested from the donor in order to compare the list with the library catalogue. In the absence of an inventory, the donations are seen and reviewed in its own place (depending on the size. If the material is composed of a few boxes, then they are transported to the library directly) If their conditions are good and subjects are suitable to the collection, the donation is accepted.
  • For accepted large donations, a donation contract, signed mutually by the parties and the contracts, is kept.
  • The library has to be selective as regards to each type of donation. Once the donation is accepted, the library has the entitlement to make the most convenient decision about it. The materials, which have not been found suitable for the library, are primarily sent to the other libraries and institutes.
  • The accepted material needs to be clean, without notes and drawings in its pages, well-preserved/fixed, related to the education/research needs of users at present and in the future and it needs to comply with the required copyright and license conditions.
  • Those materials given by the newspapers as promotions can not be accepted if their publications show differences of paper, publication and content qualities.
  • The donations have to comply with license, copyright and other conditions.
  • Since there is electronic access to many periodicals, the library is more selective as regards to the donation of periodicals. Usually, periodicals covering a period of less than 5 years and periodicals with discontinued issues are not preferred. However, the library may review such donations to fill the gaps in its collection and to change the issues in its collection with better conditioned ones.
  • Donation of periodicals purchased by individual subscriptions is not accepted.
  • The request that the donation be kept in a separate, special space or together in open shelves cannot be accepted under no circumstances.
  • A health report can be requested from the donors depending on the value of the donated material.

How Can I Make A Donation?
You can send your questions and requests about donations to the following addresse:

Transactions After Donation
After the donations are transported to the library, they are considered as the property of the library and can not be returned to the donor. However, the materials not accepted to the collection because of several reasons can be returned. For this transaction, the donor must have indicated her/his request during the meeting and marked the related space in the Donation Contract. If the transported donation is accepted to the library, the donor is informed as soon as possible by a formally signed letter from the Library Director.

In large donations, the name of the donor is written in the front or back part of the book (100 books or over), the name of the donor and the list of the donation are put on the web site (500 books or over) or the name of the donor is put on a brass plate and hung on the Library Donation Board (1000 books or over) in memoriam of the donor.

You can access the donated books lists from this link.