External Members

External Members (Access for KU Alumni, Koç Holding Companies, External Individuals and Organizations)

Access to Koç University Suna Kıraç Library is intended primarily for use by current Koç University personnel and students. Access to some resources and services can be gained via paid external membership, however. KU alumni, if they are paid members of the Koç University Alumni Association, can purchase membership at a significant discount from the standard rate.

External Membership (KU Alumni, Individuals, Organizations, Koç Holding Companies)

There are two types of external memberships: organizational and individual. In either case, an application for external membership may be obtained by contacting the Library via e-mail at libcirculation@ku.edu.tr, or by telephone at 0-212-338 1318.

The standard fees for an individual membership include a 3000 TL deposit along with a 750 TL annual membership fee. Should an individual wish not to renew their membership at the end of any given year, they will be refunded their deposit, minus any outstanding penalties or fees.

Members of the Koç University Alumni Association will be paid a 3000 TL deposit with a 375 TL annual fee.

An organization may also apply for membership, allowing that organization to extend library privileges to up to 5 employees at a time via membership cards which will be provided to the organization. Organizational fees include a 15000 TL deposit with a 3750 TL annual fee (working out to 750 TL per card). Note that it is the organization, rather than individual Library users within the organization, who will be deemed accountable for the use of its memberships and must make restitution to Koç University Suna Kıraç Library for any loss, abuse, or damage to materials or any other Library property caused by an organizational user.

Koç Holding Companies must pay the full organizational membership deposit of 15000 TL, but will be granted a 50% reduction off of the annual fee for each card (ie, these companies will pay 1875 TL – 375 TL per card).

For any external member wishing to access the Library, their identification card must be presented at the entrance gate to the University campus, as well as to the attendant at the Information Desk upon entering the Library, and when checking out or returning books. Cards must be surrendered on termination of the membership.

Borrowing Privileges for All External Members:

  • 10 books, 30 days, no renewals.
  • Online and email renewal permitted on/before due date, if the account is in good standing.
  • Renewals are permitted by telephone or online through the Library’s web page.
  • A fine is assessed for every day a book is overdue. A user’s account is suspended as long as any book is overdue and/or a fine is unpaid.
  • A replacement charge plus a processing fee will be assessed for any item which is returned in damaged condition or more than two weeks late (one day late in the case of a recall).
  • Remote access to the Library’s online resources is not included in membership.
  • It is recommended that our external members visit the library on weekends when it is less busy.
  • ILL and article request services is not included in membership.

Lost Cards:

Borrowers bear the responsibility of the privileges that the cards provide them. In case a card is lost, the borrower must immediately inform the Library so that all borrowing privileges associated with the card may be stopped. Otherwise, books checked out with that card are the card owner’s responsibility. The charge for replacing a lost card in the care of a fee-based external member is 20% of the annual membership fee.