Document Delivery

Koç University Users

If a user can’t find an item – print or electronic – in the collections of the Koç University library system, we may be able to retrieve it via Document Delivery Services (DDS). Through DDS, the library can often be  able to retrieve items from the collections of other university libraries, principally from universities in Istanbul or elsewhere in Türkiye. All DDS requests involve the Library being charged a fee, however, so please be sure to check the KU collections for needed items before making a request. Note that these fees are not passed on to the user — requests are free of charge to our patrons.


To request a book, simply fill out an online interlibrary loan book request form. You will need to have signed up for a library account to make a request, as the form will ask you for your PIN.

Please note that undergraduate students do not have privileges in terms of requesting books via interlibrary loan (although undergraduates can make article requests; see below). Other members of the KU community can borrow up to 5 books via interlibrary loan at a time.

Once a request has been submitted, the Library will notify the patron via e-mail when the request has been successfully fulfilled, or if the Library has determined that the item cannot be retrieved. Once received, items are kept for pickup at the Information Desk on the Basement level.

Need an item from one of the Koç University libraries not located on your home campus? Check out our Inter-Campus Loan Services page.

Article Request

The Library can request copies of articles that are not available in full-text through the databases to which the library has subscribed from other libraries that do have the necessary subscriptions. The article will be typically delivered via e-mail to the requestor one it has been obtained by the Library.

Users can request articles via the online article request system. The article request system can also be used if a patron would like to request a copy of a chapter from a book, or a copy of a PhD dissertation. Once signed into the system, users will need to fill the form.

When making a request, patrons should please be sure to include as much bibliographic information as possible.

Once a librarian has completed the request, or determined that the requested article cannot be found, the patron will receive an e-mail letting them know. Articles which the library is able to send in electronic format will be sent to the patron’s KU e-mail address. If we are only able to get a print copy, the library will send a print copy to faculty mailboxes. Students can pick up their print copies at the Information Desk on the Basement level.

The article request system can also be used to check the status of requests. Click on My Requests, then choose a status from the drop-down menu.

The options indicate as follows:

New request: Requests that have been entered by the patron, but which has not yet begun to be processed.

In progress: Your article has been ordered from another library.

Not found: The library was unable to retrieve a copy of the article requested.

Completed: Your article has been processed and is available for pickup at the Information Desk on the Basement Level.

Cancelled: Your article request has been cancelled. Please see the detail link in the system for more information; the library will also inform patrons of a request cancelled for any reason via e-mail.

Lending to other libraries


All types of libraries can benefit from this service on condition that they become a member. A library wishing to join is deemed to have read and accepted the rules of Suna Kıraç Library. Only libraries themselves are eligible; we cannot consider account applications from individual users of other libraries.

  • To apply for membership and to open a user account, a membership form should be filled out and sent to Suna Kıraç Library by fax or by mail. Please see our homepage for contact details.
  • Member libraries can borrow up to 50 books at a time within the framework of co-operation between libraries. The lending period is 6 weeks, inclusive of the time it takes to deliver the item to the borrowing library.
  • Reference, reserve and special collections, audio-visual materials and books of the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) cannot be circulated between libraries under any circumstances.
  • ILL(Inter-Library Loan) requests can be made by:
    • Filling in online ILL request form with a username and password that will be set up upon opening a user account.
    • Via Interlibrary Loan Tracking System of ANKOS KITS
    • Using the ILL module of Sierra (for Sierra users)
    • Sending an e-mail to
  • Requests must be given with full bibliographic information to ensure accurate and timely service. Missing or incorrect information will result in cancellation of the request, and the member will be reported to the Library.
  • The requesting library is obliged to pay the cost of shipping for books sent or returned by cargo.
  • In cases where a Suna Kıraç Library user requires a book that has been loaned out via interlibrary loan, the Library reserves the right to recall the book from the library to which the item has been loaned. Any book borrowed from Suna Kıraç must be returned within 72 hours of the recall request.

Article Request

Suna Kıraç Library doesn’t provide article upon request.

Please send any questions, problems and/or suggestions to