About the “Following the Footsteps of Travelers in Koç University Libraries” Project

“Following the Footsteps of Travelers…Koç University Libraries reveal their treasures” is the first project initiated within the scope of theme studies to increase the visibility of Koç University Libraries’ (Suna Kıraç Library and branch libraries AKMED, ANAMED and VEKAM) rare material collections, bring to light informative and interesting topics like travelogues, and present them through different channels to researchers. Within the scope of this project, with a team of 5 staff members, various tasks and activities are carried out surrounding travel books and travelers until the 19th century, in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya.  

Through the Library travelogues, our aim is to present different perspectives on historical beauties, the socio-economic life, architectural works, traditions and customs and other interesting stories of our culture, as documented by the pen of foreign travelers and explorers of different social status, educational and professional backgrounds but with great curiosity. 

Our Team
Duygu Kevser Karadağ (VEKAM Kütüphanesi)
Naz Özkan (Suna Kıraç Kütüphanesi)
Remziye Boyraz Seyhan (AKMED Kütüphanesi)
Vasiliki Mole (ANAMED Kütüphanesi)
İrem Ünal (ANAMED Kütüphanesi) 


You can reach the Podcasts of the “Following the Footsteps of Travelers at Koç University Libraries” project.

Conference & Workshop

Cultural Heritage in Travelogues Conference, 28-29 June 2021 (Online)

Infographic Workshop, 15-16 June


Subject Guide

Traveling is all about exploring new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals and styles of living. We also travel because learning and creativity, one cannot observe by sitting at home.

Koç University Libraries, hosting valuable material in their collections, decided to launch a 3 months activities under the theme “Library Travelogues”.  Current publications, rare material, digital exhibitions, blog posts, podcasts, seminars and talks, format this initiative as an attempt to enhance visibility and attract the attention of a wider audience.

This Libguide includes material from KU libraries’ collections but also alternative sources, as a first step to introduce to you this project and help you trace the footsteps of travelers in Anatolia until the 19th century.

Digital Exhibitions

Following the Footsteps of Travelers… We Host Secret Witnesses of History !

This digital exhibition was created using a selection of travel books that constitute an important part of the rare collections in Koç University libraries and from engravings in Ankara Photo Postcard and Engraving Collection. We invite you to Koç University Libraries to discover our unique travel books after the pandemic.

Blog Posts

1-“Gezmekten kim usanır? Tadına doyum olmaz…”

Examining the travel writings on Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul until the 19th century, we will bring to light important observations of people from different geographies, cities, countries, about the different lifestyles, customs and beliefs, traditions, natural and historical beauties, economic and social aspects. With the Library Travelogues project, you will travel without leaving your home and as an “Armchair Traveler”, you will discover, learn about the new geographies, new cultures, meet with people from different cities from your own living room. Please follow us on all our social media platforms to keep up to date on our project!

2- Gezdim, Gördüm, Yedim”: Gezginlerin Kaleminden 19. Yüzyılda İstanbul Yeme-İçme Kültürü
Have you ever wondered what travelers visiting Istanbul in the 19th century ate?  Do you want to learn more about the “19th Century Istanbul Cuisine”?  The information compiled from travel books, traveler diaries and travelers’ letters in the rare collections of Koç University Libraries gives you an idea about Istanbul Cuisine in the 19th century.  Visit our subject guide to read the blog post “Traveled, Saw, Ate: Istanbul food and drink culture in the 19th century from the travelers’ pen” and to see related publications in our collection.

3- Gezginlerin Gözünden 19. Yüzyılda Payitaht İstanbul’da Salgın Hastalıklar
Julia Pardoe says in her memoirs that everyone who hears the name of Istanbul, which fascinated many travelers with its glory and history in the 19th century, knows that this place is the city of plague and fire. So, how did other travelers who came to Istanbul wrote about the epidemic diseases they witnessed in Istanbul and how these diseases affected Istanbul residents? Don’t forget to check out our subject guide to read our blog post “Epidemic Diseases in Capital Istanbul in the 19th Century Through the Eyes of Travelers” and to see related publications in our collection!

4- Seyyahların Gözünden 19. Yüzyılda İstanbulda Konaklama Yerleri ve Oteller
If you are wondering where travelers who visited Istanbul, the beautiful capital of Ottoman Empire in the 19th century stayed and which hotels were popular at that time in the “queen of cities”, read our blog post titled “Seyyahların Gözünden 19. Yüzyılda İstanbul’da Konaklama Yerleri ve Oteller”.  You can also check out our reading list, which includes related publications from our collection!