About the Theme:

Koç University Libraries (Suna Kıraç Library and branch libraries AKMED, ANAMED and VEKAM) continued their project with the theme of Treasury Gallery 11: “Seljuks” which was initiated to increase the visibility of their collections to address informative and interesting topics and to present them online to researchers.

Within this project’s scope, a team of 4 people is working on both the Great Seljuk period and the Anatolian Seljuk and Principality period. Preparations for relevant social media posts, blog posts, subject guides, conferences, and podcasts continue in this context.

Proje Ekibi:

  • Duygu Kevser Karadağ (VEKAM Library)
  • Samet Emre (ANAMED Library)
  • Serhat Uran (Suna Kıraç Library)
  • Zeynep Camuşcu (Suna Kıraç Library)


Conference 1

Ankara during the Anatolian Seljuk and Principalities Period (12th-15th Century)


We have prepared a Libguide page where you can see the work done so far, contents and related resources within the scope of “Seljuks”, the 11th theme of the Treasure Series. This topic guide will include general information about the theme, resources, blog posts, events and other related information.

You can access our subject guide here to take a closer look at the studies carried out within the scope of the theme “Seljuks”.