Renewals, Hold and Recalls


Users may renew, up to the end of the overdue grace period, any item that has not been subject to a hold/recall request from another user. Materials can be renewed online via My Account. Once signed in, click the “Checked Out Items” icon for a list of all checked-out items. Borrowers can renew all of their items at the same time or check off whatever items they wish to renew at the moment.

Users may alternatively come to the library to renew their materials, from the Reserv/Information desk on the Main floor. Items overdue past the grace period may only be renewed in person.

Holds / Recalls

All users are eligible to place recall material currently checked out by other users, except DVDs. The current borrower must return the material within 72 hours. Materials brought back after this period are subject to a 5 TL fine per day. The user who places the hold will receive an e-mail notification once the item has been returned and is available for checkout. The user recalling the item can find their requested material at the Reserve/Information Desk on the Main Floor, where it may be checked out. Recalled items cannot be renewed.

Users may recall items from within the library catalog by pressing the button, which can be found at the bottom of the item record. The requestor will then be asked to fill in a short recall request verification form.

Please note that the Library may recall any material for purposes of course reserve.

You can ask all your questions about these issues to the library staff via Library Trackit.