Material records such as digital outputs, textual records, visuals or audio that are the primary sources of scientific studies and are used to validate research results.

Research data is the evidence that underpins answers to research questions, and which is necessary to validate research findings. Data can come in various forms and types, characteristic to specific disciplines of research. Sharing and using research data can increase the impact, validity, reproducibility, efficiency, and transparency of scientific research.

Open data is defined as free of charge and freely available, reusable and distributable data that is not subject to any copyright, patent or other control mechanisms.

In this context, institutional Repositories collect, organize and archive publications, data and other intellectual products such as theses, course materials, study reports, etc. produced via scientific research supported by public resources or universities.

At the national level, TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) has declared its Open Science Policy recently. It means the management, storage, archiving, compilation and digital protection of the publications and research data originated from the projects which have been carried out or supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) constitute the framework of TÜBITAK’s Open Science Policy.
Koç University Open Science Policy

Koç University launches its own Research Data Management Pilot project in 2019 that is going to be conducted by Suna Kıraç Library in order to work with Koç University faculty members to provide advice, training and high-quality infrastructure to facilitate good data management with a variety of services to assist with the management of the processed data.

In the context of Research Data Policy, Koç University researchers are expected to ensure that research data, code and any other materials needed to reproduce research findings are appropriately documented and shared in Koç University Institutional Repository. Koç University meets approved quality standards (compliant with OpenAIRE, FAIR data principles) and is connected to the European Open Science Cloud.

Research Data Policy supports high quality research data management across each of the faculties at Koç University. This policy framework is motivated by the belief that research data sharing will bring a better visibility of academic work of researchers at Koç University leading to recognition of quality of the research process as a whole as well as meeting the demands of funders and publishers with respect to research data management.

You may access to “Koç University Open Science Policy” from here.

Koç University Research Data Management Services

The Koç University Institutional Repository is an electronic archive of research materials created by the researchers of Koç University from 2012 to present. The repository that has been maintained by Suna Kıraç Library increases the visibility of Koç University’s research, helps with time-consuming research reporting exercises and begins the process of digitally preserving the University’s research and scholarly output. The Koç University Institutional Repository can house open-access articles, conference proceedings, theses, working papers, technical reports too.

KU Institutional Repository is available at

Academic, research staff and graduate students are expected to contribute by sending Post-print versions of their articles that are published each year to our e-mail address.

As of 2019, Koç University Institutional Repository starts Research Data Pilot Project collecting research data to create links between your academic publications and the underlying datasets, so that anyone viewing the publication will be able to locate the dataset as well. If you have generated/collected data to be used as evidence in your academic publication, you should deposit it with KU Institutional repository as soon as you are able.


KU Institutional Repository provides you these open research data services below:

  • Preparation of data management plans requested by the European Union and other funders
  • A permanent DOI number and URL address for your data
  • Data access statement that protects author rights and data citations for the reference management in research papers.


Why should you publish your data open at Koç University Institutional Repository?

  • Visibility and reputation in your career
  • Impact in your research field
  • Networking opportunities
  • Getting more funding easily
  • Funder requirements like European Commission or TÜBİTAK etc.


You can review the Koç University Research Data Management: Guidelines which we have prepared for our researchers, in our subject guide.


*KU Institutional Repository materials can be accessible and downloadable from international archive platforms such as OpenAire, OpenDOAR and as a result of the agreement with these institutions. Suna Kıraç Library can provide you some statistics to show the usage rates of your articles upon your request.