How We Archive The History?

By preserving the information, archives contribute to the development of personal, community or cultural memory and sometimes they house pleasant coincidences. In the page of 152a of MS 474 Tasavvurât, in Suna Kıraç Library Manuscript Collection, includes two Turkish notes regarding to the solar (1786-7) and lunar eclipses (1797-8) on the same page 10 years apart. In the first note it states that a solar eclipse took place during the battle between Karamanlı and İçelli and in the second note it states that a lunat eclipse took place on the same year that Pazvantoğlu and Ali Pasha had a battle.

You can review the section on the Eclipse below, and you can access all the details about the manuscript from here.

Notes of solar (1786-7) and lunar eclipses (1797-8) occurred 10 years a part on the same page.