COVID-19 Koç University Community Archive


A call for volunteers to help document, preserve and disseminate personal documentation during the 2020 pandemic.


COVID-19 pandemy has affected our daily lives fundamentally and it is a unique historical event, as new approaches and technologies are being tested.  We are aware of the fact that to have a better understanding of this period in the future, documenting our stories plays an important role. COVID-19 pandemic imposes different ways of living to all the societies in the world as well as it points to a unique period of time in the history that new approaches and technologies are tested. Within this frame, the “COVID-19 Koç University Community Archive” project by Suna Kıraç Library – the first and only example of such a project in Türkiye at university level, so far –  aims to record text-based, audio and visual production of Koç University members, which reflect their feelings and thoughts during this process.

Be part of history, to…

  • Record this period as part of Koç University’s institutional memory and transfer tangible outcomes of it to next generations.
  • Provide a source for possible academic studies to take place at Koç University in the future.
  • Include collected documents in the Library’s archive and evaluate these documents as a possible digital collection (with off-campus or only in-campus access) and a digital exhibition.

Who can participate?

  • Faculty members
  • Students of all levels
  • Administrative staff

What kind of material can you contribute?

  • Text-based: diary, essay, poems, short notes, book lists, recipes
  • Visual: photographs, video, drawing and patterns
  • Audio: sound recordings, music recording (unique)

There is no right way to share your story!

Your story can be handwritten, typed, or in video format (use your smartphone, your laptop, your ipad, your camera), and be as long or short as you want.  Don’t worry about handwriting, spelling, or punctuation. The goal is to capture your personal experiences.

Some questions to help you frame your response:

  • When exactly did you become aware of the pandemic? How did your thoughts change at the beginning and during this process that numbers more than 2 months already?
  • In which place / places did you spend the pandemic process?
  • What conditions did you encounter in your daily life that have been challenging or surprisingly positive?
  • How do you think this process will affect the future community / society / world?

Your material is safe with us!

We will preserve your submissions in servers of Suna Kıraç Library and submitted materials may be evaluated as a collection at Suna Kıraç Library Digital Collections

How can you submit your items?

We have created a submission form to help everyone submit their material easily, adding all necessary information.  Submit yours!

Who owns the copyright of each item?

You will retain in full any copyright you own on items contributed to the archive, and you can still use items in any way you see fit. By submitting an item to the archive, you are granting the Koç University a broad license to make all uses of these files that are necessary to enable and preserve their public access, including the rights of adaptation, reproduction, distribution, performance, communication a work to public by devices enabling the transmission of signs, sounds and/or images. All legal precautions and regulations that assure the sole ownership of the items as well as their preservation, use and advertisement/promotion by Koç University, are subject to the Turkish law and are included in the submission form. Please feel free to contact us at: with any questions on the matter.