Faculty members, Instructors and Researchers can schedule a session using our Library Instruction Request Form below.  Please remember that Librarians can help students generate research topics and keywords, find and evaluate sources, and review citation basics.

Research instruction is most effective when students are engaged in a learning partnership between librarians and their professors. Therefore, it is recommended that faculty collaborate with librarians on class content and attend the library session with their class.  Also, instruction is most useful when coordinated with an assignment that requires library research, so please provide an assignment topic and consider scheduling a class later in the semester rather than the first week of class or provide a general research subject area.

Please let us know your information needs and how we might assist you in introducing your students to the research process. We want to ensure that your students have a positive library experience.

Thank you for helping us to promote information literacy and library skills!

You can contact us via: Library Trackit and 0212-338 1317