Purchase Request Form

To place an order for a book, DVD, or any other format, first search inKUire to be certain the Library does not own the title.

If the Library does not own the title, please either fill out the purchase request form on the Library Trackit or send an e-mail with your request to libacq@ku.edu.tr. In either case, please provide full bibliographic information including, in the case of books, the ISBN number. Please also be sure to include your name, position and academic department.

Faculty may also use print catalogs, with their selections clearly marked, forwarded via internal campus mail to the SKL Acquisitions Department. Please include your surname and first initial on the catalog.

Please note that book ordering is limited to faculty members only. We are unable to guarantee that a suggested item will be acquired.

Faculty members are asked to plan ahead as much as possible when ordering books, as the delivery time can be variable, and sometimes lengthy. If an item is able to be acquired through channels within Türkiye, it can often be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Items sometimes require purchasing outside of Türkiye, however, the delivery of such sometimes taking up to two months.

Selectors are encouraged to plan ahead to allow for this time lag. The best discounts and the most efficient use of resources result from routine processing of regular orders.

Faculty can please note that they do not need to place orders for books that will be textbooks in any of their classes. The Library checks KUAIS before every semester and orders in any book used as a textbook in all classes across campus.

Finally, if a faculty member is interested in inquiring about a larger acquisition, such as an entire database, they can contact the Library via libacq@ku.edu.tr.

In cases where there will be a large number of items requested – in the case of a new program or department opening, for instance, requiring hundreds of new items – such requests should be made before the end of the annual budget term, in October.

Orders Needed by a Certain Time

There are instances when materials are not needed immediately, but are still needed by a certain time. Selectors should indicate these time requirements on the order forms. Library ordering staff will then have the information they need to determine the best means to acquire this material. On occasion this type of order will have to be handled by rush order procedures, but other instances may require a more cost effective approach.

Orders Needed Immediately

There are, of course, instances when materials are needed on an emergency basis. If this is the case for a particular order, selectors should indicate that the need is an emergency on the order form. We ask that you limit your emergency requests. Acquisitions personnel special-handle all such requests. These processes can include many phone calls and specialized delivery arrangements. Discounts are lost, and additional costs are always incurred. Library staff will notify requesters when material has arrived in the Library and any other significant information regarding its status.

Orders for Reserve

Orders for Reserve should be made via the Reserve Request Form on the Library Trackit. For more information, check out our Course Reserves page.