Suna Kıraç Library (SKL) Sustainability Committee is newly established in 2023 to lead the library activities pertaining to sustainability at large. The committee’s main objective is to raise awareness on sustainable issues by organizing various services, activities, and training sessions. SKL not only embraces the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also aligns and updates its services accordingly. SKL strives to provide equal access to high-quality educational information and activities within the framework of different SDGs. To further enhance our understanding of the SDGs and improve the quality of library services, the library staff, who possess diverse expertise and interests, have founded the SKL Sustainability Committee. The committee aims to raise awareness through organizing activities, training sessions, and developing services related to sustainability.

Furthermore, the SKL sustainability committee follows national and international initiatives and works to support these efforts. The committee members keep track of research, events, and other developments in the field of sustainability. Additionally, they contribute to the processes of developing and implementing policies and regulations related to sustainability. With a conscious commitment to our social and environmental responsibilities, the committee aims to promote progress in the field of sustainability and support Koç University’s sustainability policies and strategies.

Members of Suna Kıraç Library Sustainability Committee:

  • Tuba Akbaytürk
  • Kamil Yeşiltaş
  • Sina Mater
  • Mustafa Ergül
  • N. Defne Gier
  • Dr. Remziye Boyraz Seyhan
  • Ebru Gönül Türk

Sustainability Committee Activities:
Please find below some of the activities and works conducted by the SKL Sustainability Committee:
IFLA Section: Environment, Sustainability and Libraries

IFLA ENSULIB’s Newsletter Article December 2023 (p.20)

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IFLA Section: Environment, Sustainability and Libraries

IFLA ENSULIB’s Newsletter Article June 2023 (p.24)

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SDG Goals Integrated Libguides

``Preparing Subject Guides on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)``

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Policies and other services

  • Open Access Policy
  • Preparing SDG related Libguides
  • E-first Acquisition Policy
  • Scanners instead of copiers
  • In library information literacy trainings, keywords such as “Climate change, clean energy, sustainability” are used to enhance awareness on the topic of climate change.