Fines and Fees

The fine for most overdue materials is 2,50 TL per item per day. Any items returned after the grace period will receive fines for the entire overdue period, including the grade period. An item that is four days overdue will thus be subject to a 10 TL fine.

For DVDs (per day), AV materials (per hour), or reserve materials (per hour), the fine is 10,00 TL per day/hour. There is no grace period for these items.

Any loss or damage must be reported via Library Trackit or by e-mail to or by telephone at 0-212-338-1318. You will be charged the market value of the item, the 50,00 TL replacement fee, plus any overdue fines already incurred. The Health Sciences Library patrons may sent via Library Trackit or by e-mail to or call by telephone at 0-212-311 26 23.