Issue: 2020 - 3

March is a month of celebrations. Opening the calendar, one finds more than 15 different International Days to celebrate. Being the 1st month of Spring, in the heart of the semester, the month of the Turkish National Library Week, for us is a month of Happiness!

Cheers to happy days!

Book Tender

Don't Forget to Order Your Books

As we have previously informed you, you can send to us your suggestions for new material during the Book Tender periods. For 2020 our calendar is planned as follows:

  • 1st Book Ordering: Early March / DON'T MISS IT
  • 2nd Book Ordering: Early June
  • 3rd Book Ordering: Early September
  • 4th Book Ordering: Early December

Upcoming Instructions and Workshops

Instruction Schedule

You can be informed about our current scheduled instructions, seminars and workshops via our online calendar. Find the topics you are interested in and make your registration.

In case you can’t find a session that fits your information needs, you can always contact the Reference team and request either a subject specific instruction or a one-to-one consultation meeting with a Liaison Librarian.

Welcome to Our Team

Meet the Library Staff

Have you ever wondered how many people are working at KU Libraries?

We decided to gradually introduce our team to you. That way you will become more familiar with the staff members and you will know who is responsible for which service. Consider it our 5’ of fame!

For start, we present to you the two new members, Defne and İlknur.

Defne is a Historian and Archives specialist and joined the ANAMED Library team.

İlknur is a Librarian and will support the Koç University Hospital community, at the Health Sciences Library.

Coronavirus Resources for Researchers, Clinicians: New LibGuide

Coronavirus Resources for Researchers, Clinicians: New LibGuide

Coronavirus outbreak calls for immediate action and precautions to eliminate being affected. Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. Accurate, trustworthy and reliable information about the virus, the symptoms, the side effects and the necessary treatment is necessary for the common public.

For this purpose, our Health Sciences Liaison prepared a detailed LibGuide which is available to all from the Library’s website.

Library Self Archiving Service

Library Self-Archiving Service: A Way to Publish Open Access

Not all publishers allow self-archiving in the organization’s institutional repository. However, around 80% of publishers of scientific journals allow the self-archiving of either an accepted manuscript (post-print) or a published version.

Articles published openly should also be submitted to Koç University Institutional Repository (KUIR), thus ensuring the long-term preservation and permanent openness of publications. The principles of Open Access policy of the Koç University apply to scientific research outputs. One of the important benefits of openness is the dissemination of information globally to researchers as well as to anyone interested in it.

Self-archiving in the Koç University Institutional Repository (KUIR) guarantees the long-term preservation of publications and does not require registration. Articles that are archived through in the Koç University Institutional Repository (KUIR) are harvested by search engines such as Google. In this way they are accessible to all researchers around the world. The library’s self-archiving service is open to all researchers at the Koç University.

The Library Open Access Team is responsible of the workflows and the legal formalities and provides all necessary support:

  • Adding the correct metadata to make the output findable
  • Adding the publication to the Koç University Institutional Repository (KUIR) to make the output accessible
  • Checking the submitted output format to make it openly available
  • Taking care of embargo periods and copyright notices to make the output reusable.
Researchers can send the accepted manuscript version (Post-Print) to the Library Open Access Team at

Bibliopera New Partner

Bibliopera New Partner

What does a Researcher need (among others)? Quick and full access to information and high-quality resources and services. To refresh your mind, having this in mind, we initiated and realized the Bibliopera project, that brings together international research centers located in Beyoglu area, Istanbul. Starting originally with 9, today Bibliopera numbers 13 partner members under a single point of access and a union catalogue, bringing the multilingual collections of the libraries of the research centers together - 644607 print materials -, and creating a platform for further cooperation for research and activities in Social Sciences, Art & Humanities.

The latest addition to the synergy is ARTER, which brings a fresh profile for culture and arts. ARTER’s activity spreads on solo and group exhibitions with accompanying publications, talks, performances and workshops; and on support to produce 183 artworks in the framework of its programme.

ADALYA Journal

ADALYA: A Chronological Time Span Starting in the Antique Period up to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

KU Research centers are actively involved in scholarly publications. One such example is the ADALYA journal, a publication of Koç University Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civilizations (AKMED). Adalya is an international peer-reviewed periodical with a main focus on the research, study, documentation, and protection of the interrelations among the cultures of the Mediterranean – world history, archaeology, history of art, architectural history, cultural heritage, as well as other relevant disciplines and book reviews.

The publication is indexed in the Social Sciences and Humanities Database of TÜBİTAK/ULAKBİM Tr index and in A&HCI (Arts & Humanities Citation Index) and CC/A&H (Current Contents / Arts & Humanities) starting with its ninth issue in 2006. Most recently, it was digitized and became available on Dergipark Academic.

ANAMED Library Talk

ANAMED Library Talk

As in every first Tuesday of the month – as a collaboration with Tarih Vakfı – , on Tuesday March 3rd, there will be a public talk at the ANAMED Library. This month we are hosting Evrim Binbaş (Bonn University). Based on his award-winning book “Intellectual Networks in Timurid Iran: Sharaf al-Dīn 'Alī Yazdī and the Islamicate Republic of Letters”, the author will introduce the concept of “intellectual network” and discuss the intellectual life in fifteenth century Iran. The talk will be moderated by Ferenc Csirkés (Sabancı University). -The talk will be in Turkish.

ANAMED Library Talk Poster (Şeyh Bedreddin'den Şerefeddin Yezdi'ye Onbeşinci Yüzyılda Düşünsel Ağlar)

For details please click here.

You can find the recordings of the previous talks on the ANAMED Library SoundCloud account.

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