Issue: 2022 - 11

Fall semester is already half way and daily life around the campus gets busier every day. Assignments are in progress; mid-term exams will start soon, and the Library is full 24/7. Don’t forget that Librarians are here to help you with your studies and support your research.

In November, there are various events and instructions scheduled by the Library in order to develop your research skills. We highly recommend you to take a look at our new Library Researcher Development Program and ANAMED Library Digital Scholarship Program. We are sure that you will find a title that suits your needs. In addition, we invite you to read latest news about the library services.

November marks the commemoration of the 84th Anniversary of the passing away of Atatürk, the founder of our Republic. As we remember Atatürk and his accomplishments, we would like to remind you that we hold a rich collection on his life and his work.

Library Technological Devices & Renewed Lending Services

The Library has a growing collection of devices available for you to borrow, including iPads, calculators, display cable adapters/converters, headphones, portable DVD drives, and more. Recently the borrowing rules of the technology lending services are revised and renewed for these equipments. For instance, some devices require you to make a reservation and sign a Responsibility Statement Agreement form before borrowing. That’s why, we would like to remind you that you should check the “Technology Lending” website to review the important usage rules and borrowing rights that you must comply with in renewed technology lending services.

P.S.: Don’t forget to bring your KU ID card when you want to borrow any device.

Fairspace is Back!

As we approach the middle of the semester, please pay more attention to the proper use of library study areas. Library users are responsible for their personal belongings at all times. With the Fairspace practice, items that have been left unattended for 30 minutes or more will be removed by Library staff and will be placed at the nearest appropriate place. Fairspace practices for the fall semester started as of October 31 and will continue at the end of the semester.

Please Read the Library Code of Conduct here.

Library Researcher Development Program is Starting!

The Library Researcher Development Program has started! To support researchers of KU Community we have planned sessions related to Literature Searching, Designing Surveys with Qualtrics, Reference Management Tools (Endnote & Zotero), Primary Source Databases, Sytematic Reviews in Health Sciences, and Measuring your research impact trough Bibliometric Analysis Databases (Web of Science, Scopus, SciVal).

Please check our Instructions & Events Calendar for more information and registration.

Note that you can always check the Library Video Hub for previously recorded webinars.

New Academic Writing Libguide

Academic Writing Tips & Resources Libguide is created to support KU students with the various subjects such as, the writing process, finding and evaluating sources, citation chaining and more.

The libguide also provides you information with Library’s sources and tools.

There is a Quiz section for self assessment. After reviewing the entire guide, you can check your understanding of the topics with the quiz.

Popular Newspapers: Financial Times ve Wall Street Journal

We are pleased to inform you that Suna Kıraç Library has subscription to Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. All library users can easily access these popular newspapers by their email addresses. To create a personal account on Wall Street Journal, please click here and follow the instructions on the WSJ registration page.

For The Financial Times, users can log in directly with email addresses without the need for registration. When you use your email address in the "Sign in" section of the Financial Times website, the system will recognize you as a member of Koç University and automatically create your account. If you have questions or access problems, you can check the "Wall Street Journal" or “Financial Times” guides.

Library’s Online Courses have Begun

Library’s Online Courses for undergraduate and graduate students has begun with the updated contents.

LIB101 Course on the Blackboard, which is a part of UNIV101 program, will help undergraduate students to use Library in an effective way. There are five modules and end of module quizzes. Modules are related to each other and contain progressive information, it is not possible to move on to the next module without completing one. In the Summer 2022, a voluntary KU student from Department of English Language and Comparative Literature helped us as an intern to renew presentations and record some videos.

Library Researcher Development Course for Graduate Students (LIBR500), which consists of 4 modules, is on the OpenEdX platform. LIBR500, is a compulsory non-credit course as of Spring 2022 and has been created to support the development of graduate students as researchers and authors and to assist them during their research theses and dissertation writing processes. The course modules will be available weekly. Each week there will be an online Q&A session related to that week’s subject.

You can send your LIB101 & LIBR500 related requests via Library Trackit System.

Istanbul International Library Staff Week - Kristiania University College 10-13 October 2022

As Suna Kıraç Library, we organized the Kristiania University College / Istanbul International Library Staff Week between 10 – 13 October 2022. We hosted 13 Norwegian colleagues from the Kristiania University College, Oslo.

In the first day of the week, we got to know each other, presented our libraries, took a library and a campus tour, visited Sadberk Hanım Museum which is a “boutique” museum and the first private one in Turkey as well as a beautiful welcome dinner near the Bosporus. The participants spent the second and third day attending presentations made both by our library staff, colleges from the Kristiania University College and distinguished guest speakers.

Research / Researcher Support and Digital libraries that are recently discussed within and beyond the librarianship world. We did not only learn from each other as professionals but also created friendship bonds and planted the roots for potential collaborations.

It is not possible to imagine an International Library Staff Week without having some specialized visits! Our Norwegian colleagues enjoyed visits at important cultural sites such as the Ottoman archives and the Beyazıt State Library and Archives. The week ended with the Old City that contained the Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Sultanahmet Square.

It was a great pleasure for us to host our colleagues from Norway and we hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again with our Norwegian colleagues…

ANAMED Library Digital Scholarship Program, Fall 2022 Starts!

ANAMED Library has prepared an online digital scholarship program for the Fall 2022 academic semester, which includes various trainings and events that can be attended by ANAMED fellows, Koç University members and other researchers from outside the institution. Digital Scholarship is basically defined as any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of digital media and technologies in the processes of research, teaching and learning today. It includes embracing the open values, ideology, and potential of technologies derived from peer-to-peer networking in order to benefit both the academy and the society.

Our digital scholarship program is a new scholarly communication activity which brings most important components of today’s research together under one roof such as library e-resources, literature search, digital humanities, reference management tools, research data management, open science practices and available software & tools around these topics.

The program basically consists of 5 different modules and events under each module which you can see its details in the libguide of ANAMED Library Digital Scholarship Program and find the calendar and registration links of the events which you are interested in to join.

Suna Kıraç Library’s Drama Readings with Dr. Mehmet Zeki Giritli!

Suna Kıraç Library's Drama Readings with Dr. Mehmet Zeki Giritli will continue with Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman” which is a two-act tragedy set in 1940s New York and contains a different theme, such as the American Dream, the anatomy of truth, and infidelity.

We welcome all theater lovers and art lovers to our event…

You can find the details of our event in our LibGuide.

Treasure Gallery Series - 7: Nursing Education in Turkey and Admiral Bristol Nursing School

The new theme of Koç University Libraries’ Treasures Series launched! The new theme is “Nursing Education in Turkey and Admiral Bristol Nursing School". This theme will be explored with the presentation of various activities within the scope of nursing education, nursing research and the use of archives in these contexts during October, November, and December.

As you may be familiar with from previous treasure series, webinars, blog posts, exhibitions and a library guide will be among the activities we will share with you. You can follow us on our social media accounts to be instantly informed about the events.

Virtual Book Club

"Zaten dünyayı dört beş yalan idare etmiyor muydu?"

November’s book is Üç İstanbul by Mithat Cemal Kuntay. In his novel, Mithat Cemal Kuntay describes İstanbul’s social life, politics and culture during the reign of Abdülhamit II, the Committee of Union and Progress (İttihat ve Terakki) and Armistice.

If you are wondering about Istanbul between 1877-1922 and learn story of Adnan, the protagonist of the novel, join us at SKL First Floor Meeting Room or with zoom on November 24, at 12:30.

Moderator: Naz Özkan
Registration Link:

To find check the upcoming events check our Books List for 2022.

SKL Podcast

At the Suna Kıraç Library "İstanbul'u Dinliyorum" Podcast, this month we hosted Prof. Dr. Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu in a discussion entitled "İbrahim Paşa ve At Meydanına Diktirdiği Heykellerin Hikayesi". In this episode, we talk about important events in İbrahim Paşa’s life, the Istanbul days of the 3 statues which he brought from Budin after the Battle of Mohaç and adorned the garden of his palace, and the public's ideas about the statues, their reactions, and the contributions and effects of the statues to the silhouette of Istanbul.

If you want to learn the stories of Ibrahim Paşa’s statues in 16th century and want to learn more about reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, you can listen our podcast and access our other podcast episodes from the Suna Kıraç Library Spotify account and Apple Podcast.

ANAMED Library Talks

ANAMED Library Talks organized by the ANAMED Library continues in November with Siren Çelik. The talk is entitled "Manuel Palaiologos (1350-1425): Karmaşa Zamanında Bir Bizans İmparatoru”.

This month's talk will be in Turkish and will take place online.

To register click here.

ANAMED Library Podcast

In this month’s ANAMED Library Podcast: Burada Konuşmak Serbest guest was Hatice Kübra Polat. In this podcast, we talked about Banaz Public Library - Agro Library Example.

Please click here to listen to this valuable talk.

a. New Research Tools: CCSD and COAR Announce Launch of Directory of Open Access Preprint Repositories

The Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (CCSD) of France and the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) are pleased to announce the launch of a directory of open access preprint repositories. Preprints are becoming an increasingly important part of the research communications landscape. Posting preprints allows researchers to share their research freely and rapidly with their colleagues and the broader community. The current list of preprints documents over 90 preprint repositories along with details about their management, functionalities, and related services and their relation to open science criteria.

The directory is available here:

The New Expands the Impact of Libraries Everywhere

Cathy King, Executive Director of Delivery Services at OCLC, highlights how the new expands the impact of libraries everywhere, including new features and opportunities to engage.

What is is central to the OCLC web visibility program that puts library collections where people start their searches. Individually, libraries can reach only a small percentage of current and potential users. Even library supporters don’t always realize the wealth of knowledge available. The program is the missing link, allowing people to browse collections of thousands of libraries around the world. Since its inception, has helped hundreds of millions of people find their way back to libraries from other places on the web.

New Features and Opportunities to Engage
The new was developed collaboratively with libraries through extensive user testing to ensure our focus fully supported user needs and library impact. We also made the site available as a beta to more than 5,000 libraries, so that we could gather feedback and provide an opportunity to update library information on Read more here.

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