Issue: 2020 - 2

February is known for Valentine’s, but we mainly celebrate another International day, that of the Book Giving. 14th February, the International Book Giving Day, is about getting books into the hands of as many children as possible.

We would very much appreciate your contributions to further develop our Children Books collection. Our goal is a constantly growing, long-term, sustainable collection for your own children, but we cannot do that without your generous help. Suitable books are Children’s books for kids aged birth to 12 years old in new or gently used condition, either in Turkish or any other Language. The children books you donate are processed and ready for redistribution within few days.

You can bring your book / books directly to the Library or we can come to you and pick them up. Duplicate donations will be sent to village schools asking for books for their libraries.

New Digital Collections Website

Digital Collections New Website! WE ARE BRAND NEW!

Not many words needed for this exciting news. As we have already announced in previous issues, our Digital Collections interface has undergone a major change that resulted in a totally new website.

The website has a user-friendly interface and it provides access to over 210.000 digitized items – letters, photographs, manuscripts, slides, maps, sounds, rare boks, videos and more – with a sophisticated search and filter tools to help users to find what they’re looking for. Think of it as a living database that offers a multilayered environment for research.

Users can find a detailed description of the material and guides, standardized metadata and many more that make he search – either this would be a general search or a focused search within a collection – easier and more effective.

Please feel free to share your comments with us:

We hope you all like it!


Bibliopera: The Research Institutions Network is Getting More and More Sociable, Meeting New Crowds

BiblioPera: Beyoglu Research Centers Network followed a more social approach this year, as it was introduced in different channels to researchers from all around the world interested in social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Bibliopera Map

Please click on the image to see the large map.

With the collaboration of 13 BiblioPera Libraries, a new brochure of BiblioPera is now available. The booklet includes information about the member Libraries’ collections as well as a map which enables you to spot the locations of these Institutions in Pera Region. Designed by Istanbul Research Institute (IRI) with the coordination of the Koç University Anatolian Civilizations Research Center (ANAMED), the brochure is printed both in Turkish and in English and can be obtained free of charge in BiblioPera Libraries.

Exchange Students Orientation

Incoming Exchange Students Orientation

The KU community is a diverse and multicultural one, with different information needs. The Library participated in the Spring 2020 Incoming Exchange students Orientation week, with an introductory presentation to 50 International Undergraduate and Graduate students. They were informed about our collection, the services and important tools for their research, their user’s privileges and more.

Being a member of KU community and the Library, means having full access to information and support to your studies and research.

Turnitin and iThenticate

Turnitin & iThenticate Account Statistics

Koç University community has free access to Turnitin and iThenticate web-based originality-checking tools geared to helping writers and students avoid plagiarism. Turnitin was made specifically for classroom use and is intended for reviewing student work. iThenticate is meant to assist academic authors in avoiding plagiarism and copyright infringement when preparing items for publication.


  • 1370 Active Class
  • 31.312 Submissions
  • 42.126 Similarity Reports
  • 10.454 Submissions with Feedback
  • 618 Submissions Scored with a Rubric
  • 20.908 QuickMarks
  • 81 Peer Reviews
  • 452 documents were added to iThenticate in 2019

Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

A very important part of our collection is our electronic resources and thus, we are trying to maintain a good level and even improve further the quality of the collection with new subscriptions which are of interest and frequent use from the KU community. Below, you can see the new resources for 2020 and also the cancelled subscriptions.

Every Journal Has a Story To Tell!

The Journal Citation Report (JCR), aggregates the meaningful connections of citations created by the research community through the delivery of a rich array of publisher-independent data, metrics and analysis of the world’s most impactful journals. JCR identifies the frequency with which an average article from a journal is cited in a particular year. You can use this number to evaluate or compare a journal’s relative importance to others in the same field or see how frequently articles are cited to determine which journals may be better for you.

New Humanities and Social Sciences Database Available for You!

Suna Kirac Library is improving the electronic resources collection with Brill 2020 Journals. Brill is an important publisher on Humanities and Social Sciences. This database gives access to 304 online journals available since 2000. Some of the important journals you can access through Brill are:

  • Turkish Historical Review
  • Journal of Migration History
  • Phronesis
  • Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication
  • Journal of Applied History
  • Muqarnas
  • Samuel Beckett Today
  • Timing and Time Perception
Institutional Journal Subscriptions
  • South Atlantic Quarterly
  • Osteuropa
  • The Journal of Politics
  • Duke Mathematical Journal
  • Journal of Mediterranean Studies
  • Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies
are now accessable from inKUire Discovery Tool.

2020 Cancellations

As you can guess, we decided to cancel the following electronic resources due to the low usage statistics. These resources are not completely unavailable for your needs. You can request material from them, using the Document Delivery Services. Please check out this service on the following link.

New Interface A to Z List

New Electronic Resources Interface!

We are happy to announce the brand new Electronic Resources – or A to Z – interface. You can access the new interface from the databases menu on the Library’s main page.

A to Z is a faster, easier way to search our Electronic Resources collection, as it is more user friendly, it includes several search options - letter by letter, by subject or by title – and it categorizes material as New, Trial, Popular.

For your questions, requests and feedbacks regarding the electronic collection or the new interface you can contact us by sending an email to

Koç University Open Access

The Library joined in Research Data and Open Data Working Group under the Higher Education Council (YÖK)

Çiğdem Yıldırım, who is a Senior Research Liaison & Reference Librarian at SKL, has been assigned to the Turkey Research Data and Open Data Task Force. The group has been established under the Higher Education Open Science and Open Access Working Group with the responsibility to engage into research, prepare data management plans for Turkish universities, monitor the developments in the field of open data and research data, cooperate with relevant institutions, provide training, support the creation of interoperable systems compatible with Europe, prepare reports and make translations of regulations and standards.

You can find the related news on the website of YÖK

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