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Summer holidays for the entire Koç University community is just around the corner! In this issue we would like to remind you of some of our services from which you can benefit while away from campus and before the three-week-long break. You can also find information about new events and the Erasmus Staff Mobility experiences of our Library team. Furthermore, given the special significance that August bears for Turkey’s history, we would like to leave you with a short historical reminder of Victory Day, August 30th:

August 30, 2022 marks the centenary of the decisive victory of the Turkish armed forces under the command of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk against the Greek army. Following World War I, British, French, and Greek troops attempted to occupy large portions as Anatolia as well as Thrace, having imposed the 1920 Treaty of Sevres on the defeated Ottoman Empire. Despite the acquiescence of Ottoman elites, the occupation sparked vibrant local resistance movements which came together in congresses held in different Anatolian cities and ultimately a National Assembly held in Ankara, with Mustafa Kemal serving as its first president and commander-in-chief (başkomutan) of the Turkish War of Independence. The “Great Offensive” (Büyük Taarruz) οf August 26-30, 1922 led to the final expulsion of the Greek army from Anatolia and paved the way for Turkey’s independence in 1923. Happy Victory Day!

August Schedule – Request Material on Time!

As the University remains closed between August 15 – September 4, Suna Kıraç Library and all the branch libraries will also remain closed during this period. We encourage you to make all your Inter-Campus Loan (ICLS), Inter-Library Loan (ILL), Article Requests and Scan & Delivery Requests until August 10th!

Off-Campus Access to E-Resources

Before leaving for holidays we would like to remind you that OpenAthens is the new service for off-campus access to library e-resources and replaced previous systems VPN and Proxy. OpenAthens offers quality of remote access, reduces service interruptions, and allows library users to access e-resources across library databases and publisher websites with just one simple login. OpenAthens system is provided and integrated by Suna Kıraç Library and IT Directorate.

When you start your research from off-campus, you will be able to access electronic resources only by typing KU accounts.

For questions about the new service, you can check the OpenAthens Libguide and the blog post on OpenAthens. For any inquiries you may always write to

Library Video Hub & Libguides

It would be good to recollect certain services before the Library’s closure for the collective vacation! Even if you will not be able to consult a Librarian, you can always benefit the content your librarians prepared for you.

Recorded webinars, some classroom trainings, how to’s and library orientation videos can be found on the Library Video Hub page for users who want to watch and benefit even if they missed the sessions.

Below you can see the most watched videos of 2022 since January;

Libguides are created by librarians to promote current library resources and services on a variety of subjects. You may always access the guides by topic and genre. Below you may find some of the popular Libguide titles;

Treasure Gallery Series – 6: Numismatics: Journey of Coins Through the Ages

Koç University Libraries launched a new theme entitled “Numismatics: Journey of Coins Through the Ages”. From July to September 2022, the theme will focus on the birth of numismatics, also known as “coin science”, numismatic studies in the world and in Turkey, coins minted by different civilizations in history, and the iconography of these coins. Through this historical journey between civilizations, you will have the opportunity to discover rare books, archival materials, printed collections, and many other numismatic-related resources in Koç University Libraries. The theme aims to raise public awareness about the numismatic studies in Turkey and abroad assets through various activities, including podcasts, panels, workshops, and social media posts. You can also follow us on our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter) and visit our Libguide to learn more details on our new theme. Coins have stories to tell us... Are you ready to discover their stories?

Virtual Book Club

This month’s chosen book at the Virtual Book Club for the book lovers’ community of Koç University is One Thousand and One Nights. Written in Arabic from tales gathered in India, Persia and across the great Arab empire, these mesmerizing stories tell of the real and the supernatural, love and marriage, power and punishment, wealth and poverty, and the endless trials and uncertainties of fate. We strongly encourage you to read this book and come discuss your thoughts, learn how others found the novel on August 18, at 19:00. For more details about the event click here. To find check the upcoming events check our Books List for 2022.

SKL Podcast

At the Suna Kıraç Library “İstanbul'u Dinliyorum” Podcast, this month we hosted Semra Horuz in a discussion entitled “Geç Osmanlı Seyahatnamelerinde İlk Durak: İstanbul”. We talked about Istanbulite travelers to Europe in the second half of the 19th century, in parallel with the development of transportation, travel and printing technologies. We discussed topics such as urbanization, parks, squares, new architectural technologies that the travelers wrote on these trips and that attracted their attention, and accompanying them at every stage of their travels, the capital, Istanbul, which occupied their minds and was an important reference point for their trips. You may listen to our podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast and go on a journey across Europe together with Istanbulite travelers.

ANAMED Library Talks

ANAMED Library Talks, continue with Evyn Kropf and Nur Sobers-Khan on Tuesday August 2, 2022. In this talk, the manuscripts of the Tiflis Collection at the University of Michigan Library will be presented and Nur Sobers-Khan will be the moderator. The talk will be held online and in English.

Registration link:

Date: August 2, 2022
Time: 18.00 - 20.00

ANAMED Library Podcast

In this month’s ANAMED Library Podcast: Burada Konuşmak Serbest our guest was Ecem Tan. In this podcast, we discussed the Gaziantep City Archive and Research Center, its history, and the impact of the archive on the local community. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Erasmus Participations:

In the previous months colleagues from the Library visited libraries across Europe with the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program. In this section we would like to share with you their experiences:

A Week at Université Côte d'Azur

Library Director, Tuba Akbaytürk Çanak, as part of the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program, visited the Libraries at Université Côte d'Azur (UCA). The University is located in Nice with satelited campuses in close cities such as Cannes and Sophia Antipolis. UCA is a public research university ranked in top 10 in France. It has 35.000 students in 12 campuses. The visit covered most of the main campuses where libraries do exist: the Valrose campus (Sciences), the Carlone campus (Letters, Arts and Humanities), the Saint-Jean d'Angély campus (Economics and Management), the Pasteur campus (Medicine), Polytech Sophia Antipolis (Engineering).

The University resembles to Koç University in many ways. They have a medical school with two hospitals and the Library supports the school on site.They have multiple libraries is seperate locations managed centrally. They have a central library budget with allocations to each location. They do the digitization of their cultural heritage collections with internal resources. Scholarly communication and Open Science takes up more of their agenda as is at SKL. It is hoped that this acquiantance will open more doors for collaboration between the two institutions!

Visiting the Max Delbrück Research Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC)

As part of the Erasmus Staff Mobility Program, ANAMED Library Head Librarian, Çiğdem Yıldırım visited the Max Delbrück Research Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) located in Berlin between 30 May- 3 June. The purpose of her visit was to see how data and publications which belong to the research projects were being managed in this center. For this reason, she worked particularly with the Research Data Managers at the Unit of Research Data Management (RDM) beside with representatives of other key stakeholders in RDM such as IT Specialists, Communicaiton and Data Protection Officers and the Librarians.

Yıldırım strongly believes that all information obtained from her colleagues will make a significant contribution to her career but also to Koç University’s RDM efforts, which was initiated as part of the Digitalization Program at Koç University. On this occasion, Çiğdem Yıldırım would like to thank to Koç University for making her visit possible, and OIP Team for their unwavering support during and after her application, and lastly the Library Director Tuba Akbaytürk for her support.

Freie Universität Berlin’s 10th International Staff Training Week

In June, Instructions & Reference Librarian, Naz Özkan attended Freie Universität Berlin’s 10th International Staff Training Week 2022, which took place for five full days from June 13 to June 17, 2022. 121 professionals from four different fields such as career services, university libraries, welcome services as well as the international affairs came together. In this staff week, the Freie Universität Berlin's university library theme was “Libraries' Shift to Sustainability: Managing Ecological and Institutional Changes”.

During the week, topics such as how libraries and librarians can make a difference and shape a more sustainable present / future and how libraries can manage digital transitions sustainably were discussed.To learn more about Naz Özkan's experience please check her blog post.

Explore Resources to Support Researchers during Publication

For many researchers summer period means getting the articles ready for publication. This process may be challenging. Wiley offers some guidance on this issue.

Click here to explore resourses to support researchers during publication.

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