Issue: 2021 - 8

With August being like the Sunday of summer, most of the summer is gone and the fall is not yet born. In this issue we would like to remind you of some of our services you can benefit from while off campus and before the big University closure. Information about new activities and resources are also to be found.

Those of you attending classes during the Summer semester, keep up the good work for a little more! Vacation is around the corern and this is a good opportunity for everyone to rest, relax, enjoy and come back in September full of energy and motivation for the coming semester.

From the Library team to you all, have a nice end of summer! See you – hopefully in person – soon!

August Schedule – Request Material on Time!

As the University remains closed between August 20 – September 5, both the Main and the HSL will also remain closed during this period. For book requests using the Mediated book lending service you can use the online form, according to the material location:

and for scanned pages using the Scan & Deliver service, please make your requests by August 17, the latest.

Admiral Bristol Digital Collection

Admiral Bristol Nursing School Collection, is a project initiated by Suna Kıraç Library to preserve the institute's past. The history of the institution, which operates as the Koç University Faculty of Nursing today, dates to the American Hospital American Hospital Nursing School, which was established in Istanbul on May 20, 1920. Founded under the leadership of Admiral Mark Lambert Bristol, the American Hospital Nursing School established within the structure of the American Hospital began offering a two-and-a-half-year education program. The Admiral Bristol Vocational Nursing High School was taken over by the Vehbi Koç Foundation in 1995 and was transformed into a School of Health affiliated to Koç University. The collection materials have been compiled from Admiral Bristol School's own archive. After the school was transformed into Koç University School of Nursing in 1999, the archival materials of the collection were transferred to the Koç University School of Nursing. You can browse the "Admiral Bristol Nursing School Collection" with materials which have been compiled from Admiral Bristol School's own archive.

Off-Campus Access to E-Resources

To access our electronic resources off campus, set up a VPN connection or log in using your KU username & password. Watch the video for more details. In case you need to refresh some things, take a look at the Library Services for Distance Education webpage.

Library Video Hub & Libguides

Search in the Libguides for online manuals on subjects of your interest and watch recorded library webinars on various topics through the Library Video Hub. This is a good chance for you to get reminded of tools and e-resources as well as to broaden your knowledge on topics of your discipline.

SKL Podcast

At the Suna Kıraç Library "İstanbul'u Dinliyorum" Podcast, this month we host Firuzan Melike Sümertaş from Kadir Has University and the title of this podcast is "19. Yüzyılda 'Eski' İstanbul Çalışmaları". In this episode, we talked about the works and researchers of the "Old Istanbul" in the Late Ottoman period. We remembered Alexandros Paspatis, a researcher who made important studies on Istanbul's Byzantine buildings, and Sümertaş talked about the Istanbul Hellenic Literature Society (Syllogos). Before we finished our conversation with Sümertaş, we asked 5 questions about her own "İstanbul".

You can listen to and access our monthly podcast series from the Suna Kıraç Library Spotify account and Apple Podcast.

Book Club Season Review

As many of you know, we had to cancel the Book Club Talk planned for March 2020 due to the pandemic and we spent some time brainstorming about the possibility of continuing the events online. When we believed everybody adjusted to the life at home one way or another, we gathered suggestions for the new virtual book club talks with an open call to the KU community and asked for volunteers to moderate some of the sessions. Fortunately, our Virtual Book Club was accepted with enthusiasm and we received many offers for moderation. Suna Kıraç Library always loves to work with students in various events and is grateful for all the support it has received in this and in other activities! We hope this continues in the new semester. You can read more about the books we read during the year and get to know the students who supported us, in the related Blog post.

If you are interested in the book club talks you can always send an email to Ebru Çinar (

ANAMED Library Podcast

Two international guests were hosted in this month’s ANAMED Library podcast.

Elmedina Abdulahi from North Macedonia, the Head of the 'Max van der Stoel' Library of the East South East European University is a very familiar face to us, as she has participated in our first "International Library Staff" week back in 2018. With her, we talked about the library system in her country, the importance of environmental awareness and voluntarily participation, her work at the University, her participation in various local and international organizations and many more. You can find this very enjoyable and instructive conversation in the ANAMED Library Spotify account.

Gülçin Cribb is a renowned Turkish Librarian with a long international experience. Recently retired, she served for years in Libraries in Australia and in Singapore and she is currently holding the Chair in IFLA, Academic and Research Libraries Section. Our conversation focused on Academic and Research Libraries, their impact on the Academic community, the necessary transformation due to technological emerging needs and the recent pandemic mandates, the importance of the library physical and digital spaces in connection with the library users, the essential role of collaboration and outreach and the IFLA "Academic & Research Libraries" section's mission and activities. Enjoy the podcast!

ANAMED Library Talk

ANAMED Library Talks host Gönül Bozoğlu on August 3, 2021 at 6pm. This talk will explore how memory mapping and filmmaking are used as ways of presenting alternative heritages and histories that capture the emotional vividness of these practices and to create memory resources with and for the community, as well as for wider audiences. The talk will be moderated by Mads Daugbjerg. This month's talk will be in English. To register, click here.

Treasure Gallery Series 1 - Travel Books: This is a Wrap up!

The 1st themed project for 2021 was concluded at the beginning of July. A team of 5 worked to reveal part of the Library rare treasures on travelogues. Read the Blog post to learn about the tasks, resources and activities related to this project.

Treasure Gallery Series 2 – Anatolian Nomads: Yörüks

Within the scope of the 2nd series of Treasure Gallery, “Anatolian Nomads: Yörüks / Anadolu Göçerleri: Yörükler,” Libguide, digital exhibitions, storytelling posts, blog posts, as well as events such as webinars and a symposium will be put together.

The starting point of the theme “Anatolian Nomads: Yörüks” is to commemorate and pay homage to the ethnologist Ulla Johansen who passed away in February 2021 and journalist Josephine Powell, two donors of our major archive collections: Ulla Johansen Anatolian Ethnology Collection and Josephine Powell Slides Collection. Ulla Johansen, who worked on the nomads of the Mediterranean region, donated all her fieldwork output about Yörüks to Koç University in 2014. Josephine Powell, on the other hand, especially photographed the nomadic life and rug weaving, and donated her collection in her fieldwork (photographs, slides, documents, sound recordings) to Koç University in 2007. In this context, in addition to these archive donations, resources which are housed by the Rare books collections and printed materials of Koç University Suna Kıraç Library, AKMED Library and ANAMED Library will be examined.

Anatolian Yörüks will be the subject matter of the events which will take place in September. Our speakers are all experts in their fields, including Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik (Akdeniz University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Archaeology), Prof. Dr. Kemal Reha Kavas (Akdeniz University, Faculty of Architecture), Assoc. Prof. Hilal Ayşe Tuztaş (Yeditepe University, Department of Anthropology), Prof. Dr. Muhtar Kutlu (Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Ethnology), Prof. Dr. İlhan Şahin (29 Mayıs University, Department of History), Prof. Şerife Atlıhan (Doğuş University, Art and Design Department) and Assoc. Prof. Şirin Özgün (Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music). In the last week of September, under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Fatih Uslu (Akdeniz University, Faculty of Education), a symposium will be organized with the participation of academicians, heads of the Nomadic Culture Implementation and Research Centers (YÖRKAMs).

Volunteer Students to Help with LIB101

In Summer 2020, KU Human Resources team informed the Library about a volunteer student who would like to do an internship with us. This was great news for us and luckily, we received interest from another student this year.

Dear Deniz Lale İmer who is a MAVA student was our intern between 21st of June -16th of July. She helped us to update our LIB101 instruction for the newcomers and also dubbed the English version of the instruction. We were very busy while creating a presentation and arranging the visuals. After we learned that the campus is open to everbody we decided to meet on campus and took some videos & photos of the Library that we can use for the instructions. She was very responsible and had great ideas that we can easily implement. Thank you Deniz for all the effort!

We have a great community and our students are very go-getting. In Fall 2020 dear Zülal Gülen got in touch with us and volunteer to dubbe LIB101. So, we asked MAVA studio if we can use their equipment for recording. They were very helpful and showed us how to use their programs etc. Zülal came to campus and she spent more than 5 hours to complete all modules recordings.

Our new volunteer intern is dear Gül Açıkalın, also a MAVA student, who started on July 26. With her we will work on library orientations, newcomer libguide and some visuals.

We appreciate the students who spend their time voluntarily for the Library and we hope we will receive interest from more students!

Support for Data Management Plan in Your TÜBİTAK 1001 Project Applications

The application system for the 2nd call of ARDEB 2021 will be opened as of August 6, 2021 and the deadline for completion of the online application and e-signature process is 10 September.

The purpose of TÜBİTAK Support Program for Scientific and Technological Research Projects Programme (1001) is to primarily support research in Turkey for generating new information, doing scientific interpretation or solving technological problems in compliance with the scientific basis.

As of 2021, researchers are requested to prepare a data management plan during their application to the project. When you submit your application request to the RPDTT Office at Koç University, the relevant data management plan document will be provided to you immediately. If you need help, please resend it to the RPDTT Office after entering your project information since our team of Library, Data Protection Officer and Chief Legal Counsel assist you by answering the questions in the data management plan as comments.

Important reminder: Please submit your support request for the data management plan at least one week before the deadline so that we can help!

Get Ready for the New Web of Science

To help you conduct your searches more easily and find what you need faster, Clarivate team is been building the most powerful Web of Science™ platform yet. As of July 7, 2021, all users will be automatically taken to the new Web of Science platform. The new Web of Science has been available for testing since November 2020, and it will offer:

  • Improved search capabilities
  • Faster page loads
  • Increased accessibility
  • Responsive design for viewing on mobile and other devices

Users will be able to find:

  • Author Impact Beamplots
  • Enriched Cited References (Beta)
  • Funding data
  • Improved patent to article citations
  • Copy search query
  • Export ability up to 1000 records

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