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July means the increase of temperature, a desire to go on holiday but also finalizing work before the holiday period. This month with the Library’s support all goals will be accomplished! Our Libraries continue to provide research services in a refreshing working environment to all students and researchers. Check our newsletter to keep up with the latest development in service and resources.

July is also an exciting period for our new undergraduate candidates. It is the month that university exams results are disclosed. We wish all the undergraduate candidates the best in their placements! Finally, we wish everyone a happy Bayram!

Library’s Search Engine inKuire Changed

The Suna Kıraç Library is delighted to introduce the new inKUire search engine powered by Summon. As you may already know, inKuire provides a Google-like search experience, allowing you to search for articles, books, ebooks, manuscripts, images, videos, and much more through a single, easy-to-use interface. With Summon, inKUire will be transformed into a new search engine where you can experience a faster, smoother, and more relevant search. We believe the new inKUire will be a great place to start your research.

For questions about the e-resources, you can always contact us at

New Open Access System – OpenAthens

Suna Kıraç Library is ending the proxy-based off-campus access service through Open Athens. The new service Open Athens’s single sign-on approach is more seamless, easy, and faster than our previous service. It offers a single sign-on integration with the Koç University's authentication service to access the library’s electronic resources.

From 1 July onwards, academics, staff and students will be able to access from off-campus electronic resources just with their KU accounts. For questions about the new service, you can always contact us at

Covidence: Systematic Review Tools

We are delighted to announce the subscription to new systematic review platform Covidence! Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews, meta-analysis or clinical guideline. It supports citation screening, full-text review, risk of bias assessment, extraction of study characteristics and outcomes, and the export of data and references.

You can contact to request an account and create a review on Covidence. Covidence also offers short video tutorials in their Knowledge Base to help you get started. Please check Getting Started with Covidence and Main steps in Covidence to learn more.

For any other inquiries about e-resources, you can always contact us at

Treasure Gallery Series - 5: Holding on to the Future: Protecting Cultural Heritage

The fourth theme of the Koç University Library Treasure Series, Holding on to the Future: Protecting Cultural Heritage, ended with two informative panels on the “Sustainability of Archives.” The panels took place during International Archives Week, which has been internationally celebrated since 2019 to highlight the significance of archives and records as cultural heritage assets.

In the first panel, we hosted Chris Woods, the National Conversation Service’s Director, and Helen Lindsay, the Head of Preservation at the Imperial War Museum. They discussed how archival materials can be preserved with sustainable practices and how changing conditions require the introduction of environment-friendly methods for preserving archival materials. In the second panel, we hosted two important documentary film producers in Turkey, Nebil Özgentürk and Coşkun Aral. Both speakers discussed the role of archival materials in establishing bridges between past and present. They also talked about how they utilize visual and written archival materials to prepare and produce documentaries."

Studio Talks

Scholar Studio Talks presentations get underway! For the first time, graduate students from various disciplines presented their research topic at 14:00 on June 30. Scholar Studio Talks is a project specifically designed for masters and doctoral students to publicize their research and present their topic to a non-specialist audience. Students are expected to present their research in a short time (5 minutes for doctoral students and 10 minutes for master students) and deliver their presentations in a concise, clear, and catchy way.

This project helps students sharpen their virtual presentation skills, gain experience in communicating a non-specialist audience, and establish academic networks within the campus community and beyond. Most importantly, this project democratizes academic knowledge by making it accessible for experts and non-experts.

Virtual Book Club

This month’s book is Antabus by Seray Şahiner. Şahiner’s first novel Antabus – titled after the anti-depressant used for treating chronic alcoholism – is about Leyla, a young woman who is trying to get her violent husband to move away from the bottle by treating him with “antabus” pills, without his knowledge.

If you are wondering about a story of Leyla and you would like to share your experience from reading it, join us on July 14, at 19:00. This event will be held in Turkish. To register please click here. You may check here the books list for 2022.

SKL Podcast

At this month’s Suna Kıraç Library “İstanbul'u Dinliyorum” Podcast, we hosted Cengiz Kırlı in a discussion entitled “Osmanlı İstanbul’unda Kahvehaneler”. We talked about the coffeehouses, one of the most important socializing places of the Ottoman Empire, which is the subject of travel books. We focused on how coffeehouses emerged in the 16th century, how they affected the city and socialization, their importance as a place of public opinion and how the new actors of coffeehouses in the 19th century controlled the public as the eyes and ears of the state. We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast!

ANAMED Library Talks

ANAMED Library talks organized by the ANAMED Library continues in July with Çiğdem Özkan Aygün and Ece Uysal Engüdar. The talk is entitled Ayasofya, Topkapı, Hipodrom Yeraltı Bulguları ve Tarihi Su Sistemi ile İlişkileri. This month's talk will be in Turkish and will take place online. To register click here.

ANAMED Library Podcast

In this month’s ANAMED Library Podcast: Burada Konuşmak Serbest our guest was Prof. Dr. Mehmet Canatar. In this podcast, we discussed the institutionalization process of the Ottoman Archives since the 1980s where he worked as an archive specialist. He shared with us his experiences, and the recent history of the institution. Please click here to listen to this very valuable discussion.

EAHIL – EBSCO Scholarship

Health Sciences Library Branch Librarian İlknur Erkin won the EAHIL – EBSCO Scholarship and represented our library at the European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) Conference held in Rotterdam, Netherlands between May 31 and June 3. We congratulate her on this achievement!

Internships at SKL

Internships offer students the opportunity to apply what they have learned about their profession and to learn new information and skills. Before the pandemic, Suna Kıraç Library usually had 2 to 4 undergraduate students from Information and Records Management Departments from different universities per year. After 2 years break, our new interns have started their program on June 15th.

This year we have 9 interns who will be with us around a month! The new interns are students from Istanbul University and Marmara University. Daily program of the interns is split in two parts. During the first half of the day, interns will be helping us with the inventory control specifically the book counting process. Inventory control is an important work in librarianship. In the second half of the day, they will be with the Librarians in different departments. They will learn cataloguing process, e-resources management, document supply procedures, reference and circulation services and many more at SKL! In addition, a student from Hacettepe University Department of Information Management will spend a month as a volunteer with our Archive Specialist. We thank all interns for their effort on helping us and wish them to make the most of this valuable experience!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Your Article

Wiley offers 5 tips for optimizing your article’s search engine discoverability. Click here to read more about the tips. If you are interested in SEO, you may also want to watch this webinar which explains strategies to share and promote your research through SEO.

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