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Student Ambassadors (SA) Program

The Suna Kıraç Library (SKL) is welcoming the new fall semester ’17 and is happy to announce the launch – for the second time – of the Student Ambassador (SA) program entitled “educate yourself to educate others”. This is a valuable experience for students interested in developing leadership and communication skills while participating in SKL’s various activities.


As an Ambassador of any kind, a SA acts like a link between the implementing body and the community it servers. Thus, in this case, between the Library and the academic community. Literally speaking, a SA plays the key role in the outreach activities of the Library and offers an alternative perspective to users’ point of view on the Library and its’ role.

The basic idea is that the Ambassadors will acquire the necessary skills to search, evaluate and use information and in sequence

  • They will assist with basic library promotional activities & instruction
  • They will spread the word to the KU community about Library’s services and help in Library’s activities regarding instruction/tours/seminars/guidelines/services/research tools
  • They will inform us (the Reference Team) on the new assignments’ topics, so that we could organize and implement relevant sessions – they will inform the students in order for them to participate / they will be the “liaison” with the faculty so that we can arrange easily these sessions within the curriculum They will provide short time presentations on library importance and use (in general), to 3rd year high school students in the neighbor region of Sariyer (complimenting the already existing volunteer activities of KU


We are looking for enthusiastic persons, who will be committed to the purpose of the project, with good communication skills, a positive approach and adaptability, organizational skills, team work spirit and open-minded character. We mainly address 2nd / 3rd year undergraduate students and 1rst year postgraduate students


The SA program is a good opportunity to work within a “professional” framework and therefore, gain valuable experience in team work. After having completed their participation, the SA will have managed to improve their communication and organizational skills, to acquire great interaction with the faculty and staff of KU, to mentor and inspire incoming students.

How I apply?

To apply, please complete the online application and email it along with your CV and Code of Conduct to: Vasia Mole at or bring a printed version to the Library, Office 106 (1st floor)

***the application deadline is October 27th

You may access to the Application form and the Code of Conduct.


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