WELCOME to the Campus and to our Library!

To help you prepare for your visit at the library, we kindly ask you to take a moment to review the important information provided below. Understanding these new requirements will save you time and help!

Eating and Drinking:

  • Adjusting your mask to hydrate for a few seconds is ok, however, the library is not designated eating spaces,and removing a mask to actively eat or drink is not permitted. Therefore, in the library you should not consume any food or beverages other than water.

Sanitation stations are located on each floor of the library:

  • The main entrance doors of the library are not automatic, therefore for your own health, we recommend you to disinfect your hands at the sanitation stations when you enter and exit the Library for your health!
  • Do not to forget to disinfect your hands before and after using the computers and equipment that are frequently used in the library!

Our Library Never Closes! (except New Year’s Eve)

  • With the reopening, our library has updated its working hours to provide 24/7 service as before.

We recommend that you follow the physical distance rules in study areas and individual study rooms!

  • There are no capacity restrictions in the library. You may come and study at the library study areas whenever you want. However, for your own health, we recommend that you follow the physical distance rules and do not study as a group.
  • To attend the online classes, the Library Group Study Rooms are open for Single Person In the room you are required to comply the physical distance rules. You may use this link to reserve a Study Room.

We like silence in the library!

  • We would like to remind you that we give utmost importance to keeping silence in the library. You can talk silently so that you will not disturb other people. However, the library building is not the right place for phone calls or for chatting with friends. Please have such conversations outside the library.

Check your borrowed library resources from time to time!

  • Please note that you must return the library materials which have been in your account to the library by their due date!
  • You can find out the due dates of these resources through My Account!

You can join your online classes at ZOOM ZONE!

  • We have designated the reading room to the right on the Ground Floor as “ZOOM ZONE

  • Don’t forget to bring your own computer and headset to use this space, and remember to keep the volume down!

You may ask us your research questions!

  • Library Consulting Services continue online. If you have questions about your research, you may request an appointment under the title of “Research & Scholarly Communication Support” on Library Trackit, and you may search for resources with our subject expert librarians.

The Library is online!

  • With our Virtual Library Services, we can help you even when you are not at the campus. Click on the link to check our online services.
  • While researching, you can benefit from the Subject Guides that prepared for various research subjects.
  • When you are off-campus, you can access the library resources with a VPN connection. You can check our “Guide to Accessing E-Resources”, which shows you how to do your VPN connection.

Did you know that you can request trainings for your research?

Thank you for doing your part by keeping our libraries safe (and open)!

It’s great to see you again!