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Computing & Facilities

Smart Card (SID)

  • Where can I use the smart card?

    You may use the smart card for borrowing, photocopying and paying fines and fees. It can also be used to purchase beverages from the coffee machines in the 24 – Hour Study Hall.

Wireless Network Access

  • Can I access the wireless network from within the Library?

    Wireless Network Services are available everywhere in the Library, including in the 24-Hour Study Hall, the Periodicals Room, the Basement and 1st and 2nd Floors.

Photocopying & Printing

  • Does the library have photocopiers? Where are they located?

    The library has two photocopiers, one on the Basement Floor. Please see our Building Planpage for further details.

  • How do the photocopiers work?

    The machines work with smart cards. Preloading is necessary, and can be done at the Copyland Photocopy Center on the second floor below ground at the Student Centre.

  • Where can I print my paper?

    There are printers on each floor available for printing. There are two printers on the 2nd floor, one on the 1st floor, four on the Ground level and one on the Basement level.

  • Can I print from my laptop/notebook computer?

    You can. Please follow these instructions in order to print from your laptop.

Facilities / Study Areas

  • How can I use the Team Study Rooms?

    Team Study Rooms may be reserved for two hours by submitting your ID card at the Reserve Desk in the Lobby in exchange for a key to a Room. The patron must return the room key before the end of four hours, otherwise s/he will be charged a 2.50 TL late fee for ever hour late.

  • Is there a 24-hour study space in the Library?

    Yes. There are 24-hour study space along both the right hand sides of the Ground floor of the Library. Please see the plan of the Ground floor.

  • Where can I find a floor plan of the Library?

    There are floor plans for each floor of the Library noting locations of collections, service points, printers and photocopiers, and more, on our Building Planpage.